How to Work for an Idiot

Survive and Thrive...Without Killing Your Boss. by John Hoover
Book cover for Bullwinkle On Business

Table of Contents

Chapter One:

  • Develop a Personal Vision or Tell Me Again Why I’m Doing This

Chapter Two:

  • Develop a People-centric Business Concept or
  • Cross Your Fingers and Hope Somebody Out There Likes This

Chapter Three:

  • Seek Answers from the People who Understand the Questions or
  • There’s a Mitten in this Mess

Chapter Four:

  • Get the People Who Know Involved or
  • A Great Team Beats a Great Moose Every Time

Chapter Five:

  • Motivate for Maximum Productivity or Organization Anyone?

Chapter Six:

  • Assemble Teams Based on their Natural Motivation or
  • Why is there Paint on that Moose?

Chapter Seven:

  • Involve the Team When Threats and Opportunities Appear or
  • Somebody Call the SWOT Team

Chapter Eight:

  • Find a Place at the Table or Never Leave a Knitter Behind

Chapter Nine:

  • Grow the Business or Machines Don’t Need Naps

Chapter Ten:

  • Meet the Kompetition Where it Lives or
  • What’s that Blowing in from Siberia?