How to Work for an Idiot

Survive and Thrive...Without Killing Your Boss. by John Hoover
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How to Work for an Idiot in the News

Wall Street Journal:

"Dr. Hoover recommends admitting that you are `powerless' over the jerks in your life. Otherwise, ‘harboring all that resentment is like drinking a cup of poison and waiting for the jerk to die’.”


“Anyone who has to work should read How to Work for an Idiot.”

New York Times:

"There is no question that How to Work for an Idiot: How to Survive and Thrive Without Killing Your Boss is a subversive book. People will pick it up expecting a tasty blend of commiseration and advice.  They will put it down thinking, to paraphrase the famous line from the cartoon character Pogo, “We have met the idiot, and he is us.”   

FOX NEWS/Neil Cavuto:

“Dr. John’s How to Work for an Idiot is very funny stuff, with some stinging jabs in there.”

Weekend TODAY SHOW/Campbell Brown:

“How to Work for an Idiot contains a lot of humor, with plenty of good information as well.”

The Miami Herald:

“As amusing as his vignettes may be, the proffered advice is pretty sound and includes solid steps for coping and surviving a daily dose of determined and authoritative stupidity without committing any capital crimes. Hoover closes with a bibliography that includes three of the author's own books, so maybe he's not as much of an idiot as he claims to be.”

Dallas Morning News:

“[Dr. John Hoover] is creating a New Year's buzz with his just published How to Work for an Idiot.” 

Bloomberg Television:

“If you have the unhappy experience of working for someone you think is a real jerk, Dr. John Hoover says there is hope.”

Bloomberg Radio Network:

“Dr. John’s book about working for idiots is so cleverly disguised; you might think you’re reading Norman Vincent Peale.”


“How to Work for an Idiot is an irreverent and realistic look at what people must deal with every day at work.”

Philadelphia Daily Local:

“Hoover, a self-acknowledged idiot boss himself in recovery, says American workers should stop whining about their clueless bosses and learn to make the most of it.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune:

“There's more than humor in this fresh look at the perennial problem of incompetent leadership at work.”

Orlando Sentinel:

“Idiot bosses are so common, writes John Hoover, that he shortens the term to I-Bosses in How to Work for an Idiot.”